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Testimonial 1

During a very difficult time caring for my father who was gravely ill and in hospice, Kumi provided comfort, guidance and counsel to myself and my family. Her knowledge and experience working with memory-challenged, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, coupled with her studies and observations from her own personal experiences dealing with a family member who suffered from grave illness, gives Kumi uniquely suited skill sets to be effective in helping others who are in need of her services.


In my family’s case, she offered soothing counsel along with research-based ideas, practical advice and answers to what seemed like overwhelming and baffling questions (but what winded up being common, universal concerns) about my father’s behavioral and medical issues that arose during our daily care for my father. Also, when Kumi met my father for the first time, she used her seemingly infinite patience and basis of understanding to help overcome my father’s suspicious and almost hostile greeting of her, (a stranger), by not only alleviating his worries and anger, but developing an acceptance of her and allowing him to express himself in a way that was helpful to him and to our family.


We cannot thank Kumi enough for her encouragement and support during a trying and heartbreaking time for our family. She exudes a passion for supporting and educating people,  and her knowledge and boundless compassion will provide a very valuable service to any family dealing with challenges in caregiving for the loved one living with dementia.


Mimi H. Jansen & Family

Testimonial 2

It was a pleasure working with Kumi. She always had great moral integrity and I knew she would advocate for our patients and would anticipate their needs. She was so proficient in evaluating and assessing. She was able to manage the continuum of care for each individual and go that extra mile to address their issues. I was always confident when I worked with Kumi that things would be done well and would be taken care of. She was a wonderful team collaborator and was always caring and compassionate and was able to work with a diverse patient population with ease. Kumi could also bring to light the cultural piece that added depth and meaning to our work. Societies are often judged by how it’s members attend to the frail and most vulnerable and I suspect we would be held high regard if Kumi was a member of the community.


Cyndy Weir, MA. (Former Colleague)

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